If you’re looking for a virtual girlfriend or just eager to chat with a robot, there’s now an app called “GirlfriendGPT” that might be able to help with that. With GirlfriendGPT, users can chat via Telegram with a “girlfriend” brought to “life” by the LangChain platform and the GPT language model.

GirlfriendGPT – AI girlfriend with LangChain

The app is also equipped with a voice synthesis feature, allowing users to hear the robot speak with a female voice. Additionally, users can ask the robot to send selfies, which you can see a closer look at in the example above.

GirlfriendGPT bears some resemblance to the service CarynAI that we wrote about recently. However, a significant difference is that users don’t have to pay $1 per minute to use GirlfriendGPT. The necessary code to run GirlfriendGPT can be found for free on GitHub at the link below.


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